About The Firm

Malik Law, LLC is a Boulder-based law firm that represents clients throughout the state of Colorado. Attorney Saira P. Malik founded the firm to help clients who have been injured through no fault of their own. Malik Law specializes in various areas of personal injury law. Under Attorney Malik’s mantel, the firm provides aggressive representation for clients in their pursuit of fair compensation. Diligence, tenacity, and expertise are hallmarks of Malik Law. Victims of a personal injury can rely on their firm for experienced legal guidance and effective representation of their claim.

Our Attorneys

Attorney Saira P. Malik has founded a small but dedicate law firm to represent clients who are victims of personal injuries. She and her colleagues carefully view each case from every angle in order to provide clients with the most comprehensive representation of their claim. Malik Law attorneys are detail oriented, driven, and dedicated to making a difference in their clients’ lives. Fighting a claim while attempting to recover is challenging; that’s why Malik Law attorneys manage the entire legal process from start to finish. They have the expertise needed to pursue justice at the negotiation table or inside the court room.

When you allow Attorney Malik and her team represent you, can count on them to:

  • View your claim from every angle
  • Provide you with expert legal counsel
  • File court documents
  • Attend court dates and appointments on time
  • Provide reliable updates and communication
  • Deal with insurers
  • Help gather relevant paperwork / evidentiary support
  • Negotiate or litigate aggressively


Malik Law attorneys have all the credentials you’d expect from a leading personal injury law firm, but they have something more—a deep-rooted empathy for their clients. The firm has chosen to specialize in this area of the law because those who have been hurt because of another’s negligence or wrong-doing are utterly deserving of justice.

About Saira P. Malik

A Smaller Law Firm Means More Personal Attention

Malik Law, LLC is a Colorado based law firm specializing in Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, Premises Liability, Wrongful Death and more. Saira P. Malik worked as a litigation attorney at a prominent personal injury firm in Colorado Springs beginning in 2010. During her time in Colorado Springs, Saira achieved exceptional results for her clients, she negotiated favorable settlements and excelled in litigation. While practicing personal injury law she discovered her passion for helping people. Saira is an experienced litigator in personal injury law, having handled all phases of litigation from filing complaints through trial. Saira is a strong supporter of pro bono representation of low-income clients. Since becoming licensed, she has helped clients with simple family law issues to custody disputes to helping reunite families. Saira joined a smaller law firm in 2012 and prefers the smaller firm structure because she believes each case can be given the attention it deserves.

Benjamin E. Kleckner

Associate Attorney

Benjamin E. Kleckner Graduated with a J.D. from Sturm College of Law and was admitted to the Colorado bar in 2018. He has been working as an associate attorney at Malik Law since.

Born in Colorado Springs, Ben moved to the suburbs of D.C. at a young age but couldn’t resist the western calling. Drawn by Colorado’s beauty, he headed back west to pursue his bachelor’s degree at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He spent two years helping with his family’s distillery after graduating, Woody Creek Distillers, nestled deep in the Colorado Rockies. Since day one of his legal studies at the Sturm College of Law, he has been drawn in to tort law and the world of personal injury. Driven by the reward for creativity and investigatory work, combined with the capacity to make a positive difference in someone’s life, he has found his calling. His academic pursuits have ranged from personal injury on the ski slopes, to OSHA compliance, to working directly on a multi-million dollar wrongful death settlement.

Areas Of Practice

Malik Law specializes in certain types of personal injury cases. We generally represent clients who have been injured as a result of:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Premises liability
  • Wrongful death


Specializing in these aspects of personal injury law has allowed us to develop incredibly strong skills needed to effectively represent our clients.

The Benefits Of Hiring An Attorney From A Small Law Firm

Malik Law, LLC is a small law firm—true. But we get big results. The big firms have big overhead—which means big costs too! Malik Law charges fair, upfront fees for our services. Our clients have suffered in so many ways; some face financial ruin. Our goal is never to price gouge. We routinely review our fees to ensure they are fair to our clients. Attorney Malik also has a history of providing pro bono work for some clients.

Cost aside, one of the reasons we are able to establish lasting relationships with clients is because we earn—and keep—their trust. We value open and honest communication. We believe that integrity is more than a buzzword. As a small firm, we often collaborate and work as a cohesive team. This type of collaboration helps us provide our clients with well-rounded support.

And unlike those big, monster firms, we are dedicated to providing personable and personalized representation. Every case is different. Each client deserves customized care for the specifics of their case. We get to know each case—we get to know each client. As our firm grows, we insist that these values grow with us.

We Take On The Big Insurers

It can be intimidating for victims of personal injuries to know they’re facing off against big companies and corporations who want to negate their claim and reduce their compensation to a pittance. Although it’s ethically despicable to want to deny a victim fair compensation for their economic suffering and their physical and mental pain, it happens every day. Insurance companies have a business model that demands they take in more than they pay out. The less they pay out, the more money they keep in their coffers.

The fact is, if an insurer driver or property owner causes you or a loved one an injury because of their carelessness, recklessness, or wrong-doing, you likely have a claim to make in court. The state of Colorado recognizes victims’ rights. You have the right to sue the at-fault party for economic and non-economic damages. In short—they owe you and we will pursue that debt aggressively.

Malik Law attorneys have experience effectively litigating against insurance company lawyers. The fact is, with evidence on your side (i.e. medical bills, police reports, witness accounts, etc…), we can make your case plain and demand that you receive fair compensation for what you’ve endured. Often, we are able to secure lucrative settlements for our clients without the need to litigate the matter. However, we thrive in the court room and won’t back down from aggressively representing your interests.

Motivated To Achieve Successful Results

The attorneys of Malik Law know how to win. They have a portfolio cases they’ve successfully negotiated or litigated. We know the law and we’ll get to know your claim in order to pursue it to the best of our ability. Our successful record has helped us grow our firm, allowing us to help increasing numbers of victims of physical injuries achieve their legal goals.

Do You Need A Personal Injury Attorney?

Cases involving personal injuries can be complex. Yet, even when the case seems simple enough, it’s always to your advantage to have an attorney by your side when negotiating with insurers. If you’ve suffered serious injuries or a debilitating injury that has left you disabled, you need an expert in personal injury law. We’ll do everything we can to see that you are compensated fairly for your injuries, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

Even if you are comfortable accepting an insurer’s settlement offer, it behooves you to have your own legal representative go over the settlement and your claim to advise you about its fairness. You could be settling for far less than you have a legal right to claim.

What Is Fair Compensation In Colorado?

We often explain to our clients that we intend to fight for fair compensation for the injuries sustained because of another’s fault. The state says that victims of a personal injury can demand compensation for economic damages, which include loss of income and medical bills. They can also request compensation for non-economic damages, which refers to pain and suffering. The state has a cap on non-economic damages. Our attorneys can advise you about the state’s statutes, caps, and other aspects of the law.

Fortunately, the statutory cap does not affect economic damages. So, if you will need future surgeries, physical therapy, or ongoing medical care in relation to your injuries, you have the right to demand compensation for these expenses. If you are left unable to work, you can claim your lost salary.

Naturally, each case is specific. We will examine your claim and all the expenses you’ve incurred in relation to your injuries. We’ll advise you about the best course of legal action to take. Our goal is to secure you lucrative compensation for what you’re owed and what you’ve suffered.

Is My Claim Valid?

Many people come to us uncertain about whether or not their claim is viable. There are many types of personal injury cases. The most common types are:

  • Crashes involving cars, trucks, and motorcycles
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Dog bits
  • Injuries that occur because of a faulty product
  • Neglect
  • Medical malpractice


When you first bring your claim to us, we’ll advise you that there is a statute of limitations for filing these types of cases. If you wait too long, you may be ineligible no matter how strong your claim may be. We’ll go over the ins and outs of your claim, helping you decide whether or not to pursue the matter legally.

Examining Your Claim

Our attorneys at Malik Law are extremely detailed in their evaluation of your case. First, they’ll go over all the evidence regarding the other party’s fault. To win a personal injury case, the other party must be shown to have acted carelessly or wrongfully. In the case of an auto accident, a police report is vital as evidence. Witnesses can also be helpful. The police report will suggest which driver is at fault, if citations were issued, and if either party was driving under the influence. We’ll want to gather all the relevant information because it can all impact your claim. If another driver was driving without a license or driving drunk, their insurer will be hard pressed to litigate on their client’s behalf.

Next, we’ll go over your medical records because they are evidence in so far that they relate to your injuries. We have resources to help in these types of cases. We may need to consult medical experts who can provide expert information about the pain you’ve endured—and may be forced to endure on an ongoing basis because of your injuries. The medical records also illustrate the cost of care and treatment for your injuries.

Finally, we will need to go over all of the financial aspects of your case. Certainly, we want to include all the medical bills you’ve already received and the wages you lost because your injuries prevented you from going to work, but we’ll also need to consider the future. An actuary or accountant can help us make an accurate estimate of what medical costs and missed wages are likely to affect you in reference to your injuries. Many victims of personal injuries need ongoing medical treatment such as physical therapy. Others may not be able to earn what they once did if they can no longer make a living at their pre-injury career. These are economic damages that we will claim on our clients’ behalf.

Finally, we’ll factor in the pain and suffering that always accompanies these cases. Physical pain and mental anguish can detract from the victim’s quality of life. As attorneys we can’t erase this pain, but we can help fight for fair compensation to at least ease some of the financial stress associated with these cases.

Gathering The Evidence

Often, our clients are able to provide quite a bit of evidence to us simply by submitting their medical records and bills. Sometimes, however, their injuries are so severe that it is difficult for them even to request a police report. Our staff will do everything we can to procure the documents and evidence we need to support your claim. Our attorneys and support staff have years of experience managing these types of situations. We also have many resources to procure important evidence needed to present your claim in court.

Negotiation Or Trial?

Attorney Saira P. Malik is experienced at the negotiating table as well as in the court room. The same goes for her associates. Negotiating a settlement is no tea party—clients deserve to have their interests pushed front and center. Though consummately professional, Malik Law attorneys won’t hesitate to demand fair compensation for your injuries. Often, they are able to work out a lucrative compensation package for clients. In fact, more often than not, the at-fault party will prefer to settle the case before it escalates to the court room.

However, sometimes insurance companies engage in some unsavory practices. Sometimes at-fault parties think the case is complex enough that they just might avoid paying what they owe. In these cases, we are not shy about litigating the matter in court. We will draw upon all of our resources to effectively fight your case at court. We’ll talk to witnesses, medical experts, financial experts, and anyone else who is pertinent to your case.

If you have been injured by someone else’s wrong-doing or carelessness, rely on Malik Law for legal representation. We are trusted in the state for our professionalism and expertise in personal injury law. We will do everything in our power to see that you are rightfully compensated for the damages owed to you. Call us to schedule an initial consultation of your claim.

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