About Saira P. Malik


Malik Law, LLC is a Colorado based law firm specializing in Personal Injury,
Auto Accidents, Premises Liability, Wrongful Death and more.

Saira P. Malik worked as a litigation attorney at a prominent personal injury
firm in Colorado Springs beginning in 2010. During her time in Colorado
Springs Saira P. Malik achieved exceptional results for her clients, she
negotiated favorable settlements and excelled in litigation. While
practicing personal injury law she discovered her passion for helping
people. Saira P. Malik is an experienced litigator in personal injury law,
having handled all phases of litigation from filing complaints
through trial.

She is a strong supporter of pro bono representation of low-income
clients. Since becoming licensed, she has helped clients with
simple family law issues to custody disputes to helping reunite
families. Saira P. Malik joined a smaller law firm in 2012 and
prefers the smaller firm structure because she believes each case
can be given the attention it deserves.

Saira P. Malik

MEET Saira P. Malik, ESQ.

Saira P. Malik was born and raised in Colorado. She grew up in Denver and has lived in Colorado her entire life. She attended the University of Denver for her Bachelor’s degree and her Juris Doctorate. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in business and comes from an entrepreneurial family.

After law school, Saira P. Malik focused her practice in the area of corporate law, immigration and family law. She has represented clients from various backgrounds on a variety of different issues ranging from business visas to drafting contracts to fiancé visas. She started working in personal injury law beginning in 2010.