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One of the many reasons that so many people flock to Colorado is because of its amazing outdoor recreational activities like bicycling. People love to get out on their bikes to enjoy the weather, enhance their fitness, spend time with family and friends, and simply to get from here to there. Too often, car and truck drivers forget that they share the roads with two-wheeled conveyances. Bicyclists have every right to share the road, but when motor vehicle drivers are careless, serious accidents that result in injury or worse can occur.

If you or a loved on has been injured in a bicycle accident, you need the support of an attorney who specializes in personal injury law. Malik Law is based in Boulder but represents client throughout the state. The firm specializes in personal injury cases that involve car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, bicycle accidents and more. Bicycle riders can suffer catastrophic injuries when struck by a car or truck. If all or some of the blame rests with the driver, bicyclists may be entitled to fair compensation for their injuries. While winning a large sum of money can’t undo the injuries, it can help alleviate the burden of medical debt and lost wages.

Bicycle Laws In Colorado

Drivers of motor vehicles are tasked with obeying the rules of the road and driving with a reasonable amount of care. By earning and renewing their driver’s license, drivers acknowledge that they are aware of the rules. Unfortunately, mistakes happen. Carelessness and recklessness happen on Colorado’s roadways too. Bicyclists do not have much in the way of protection if they are involved in a collision with a motor vehicle. Often, the driver of the car or truck is able to walk away, but the bicyclist is not so lucky.

Under tort law, people who are victims of a personal injury are eligible for compensation if the other party made an error or failed to take reasonable care to prevent injuries. Malik Law has helped hundreds of clients achieve fair compensation for the personal injuries they’ve suffered because of someone else’s carelessness.

In Colorado, at-fault drivers have collided with bicyclists for some of the following reasons:

  • Failing to see the bicyclist
  • Speeding
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Driving while drowsy or fatigued
  • Aggressive driving
  • Driving while texting or talking on cellphone
  • Failing to obey traffic signs or rules of the road


If you or a loved one has been the victim of a bicycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation by law. These cases can be complicated, which is why the expert legal minds of Malik Law are dedicated to helping people obtain the justice they deserve.

What Should You Do If You Are Involved In A Bicycle Accident?

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, you should get medical care right away even if you believe your injuries are minor. In many cases, doctors at emergency rooms will order scans to ensure that there is no internal bleeding that could cause a life-threatening event. Scrapes and lacerations may require stitches. Fractures may not be noticed right after an accident. It’s important to get checked out to safeguard your health and well-being. Sometimes the injuries will be so serious that an ambulance must be called. Whether you’ve sustained minor or serious injuries, medical staff will provide care that is documented. This means you will have medical proof of your injuries that you can rely on as evidence if you decide to file a claim for compensation.

Also important is the accident report. Again, even minor accidents should warrant a call to the police. They can document the incident in their accident report. These reports protect you and may also be used as evidence in support of a claim if the other driver is at fault. Police on the scene will investigate how the accident occurred. They will obtain statements from witnesses if there are any present. They may issue a citation to the at-fault party or even make an arrest if the driver of the motor vehicle is found to be driving drunk or under the influence of drugs.

The next logical step for victims of these accidents to take is to contact a personal injury attorney. Malik Law attorneys specialize in this area of the law, including bicycle accidents. During the early stage of your recovery, insurance companies may contact you, hoping that you may agree to an early settlement. But what if your medical bills continue to pile up? What if complications occur because of your injuries? They have good reason for wanting to settle. They hope that if they offer you a lump sum early on, you won’t contact an attorney or try to negotiate for more. Their ultimate goal, the driver of their business model, is to pay out as little as possible to claimants. That means, they will be looking for ways to undermine your claim—to reduce the compensation you have a right to.

That’s why it’s essential to let your experienced legal representative communicate with them on your behalf. We are well-versed in their tactics. We will not shrink from representing your interests. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get involved to protect your claim should you decide to pursue it. With expert legal counsel on your side, you won’t say or do the wrong thing. We will advise you about the best course of action. In short, having experienced attorneys on your side means that you can focus on your recovery while we manage your claim for you.

What Can Malik Law Do For You?

As experienced personal injury attorneys, Malik Law’s pros have a wealth of expertise in this area of the law. We are able to use this expertise to provide you with effective representation. Even the seemingly simplest cases may not be so simple once matters unfold at the negation table or in the court room. Victims of personal injuries deserve attorneys that are as qualified as those hired by the insurance companies.

If you decide to place your trust in a Malik Law attorney, you can expect any or all of the following services:

  • Evaluate your claim, helping you determine its merits
  • File court documents and paperwork
  • Meet court deadlines and attend court / hearing appointments
  • Communicate with insurance companies
  • Investigate the case
  • Visit the scene of the accident
  • Manage case documents
  • Obtain police reports
  • Hire medical experts to testify
  • Hire accident reconstructionist (if needed)
  • Provide clients with routine communication / updates
  • Provide reliable legal advice
  • Research legal presidents and other cases
  • Hire an accountant or actuary to help establish a fair compensation request
  • Represent your clients’ interests in negotiations with at-fault party or insurers
  • Aggressively litigate the matter in court


Another great benefit of working with Malik Law is our small size. We take on cases that are within our purview of expertise. We get to know each client and their individual case. At big law firms, clients often feel anonymous, as though they get lost in the shuffle of case files. That’s not what happens when you contract with Malik Law, LLC. We provide our clients with personalized attention. The professional relationships we establish with our clients are important for us. Their goals become our goals too.


Victims of bicycle injuries are eligible for compensation. But what does that mean? In Colorado, it means that victims of these types of accidents can sue the at-fault party for the cost of the medical bills, the estimated cost of future medical bills (related to the injuries sustained), missed work and, if applicable, future lost earnings. This form of compensation is referred to as economic damages.

Of course, there are also non-economic damages that victims can claim. These damages include the physical pain and mental anguish they’ve suffered as a result of the accident. The state of Colorado puts a cap on non-economic damages, but we will strive to help our clients achieve their due. Malik Law has experience successfully achieving lucrative compensation packages. Our goal is to help you win yours too.

Contact Malik Law To Evaluate Your Bicycle Accident Claim

If you’ve been injured while riding a bicycle on Colorado’s roads because the driver of a car, truck, or motorcycle was careless or reckless, call us to review your case. We can typically quickly make an assessment of the matter in order to provide you with expert legal advice. If you decide to pursue your claim and hire our firm, we will work tirelessly to help you achieve the fair compensation you are owed.

Remember that there are statues in place for filing personal injury claims that include bicycle accidents. If you wait too long to file your claim, you may be ineligible to seek compensation. When you get in touch with our firm, we can acquaint you with the time frame for filing. If you do decide to pursue fair compensation, we will guide you every step of the way. Call us to schedule an initial consultation today.

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