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In a split second, a car accident can change the course of life. Boulder-based Malik Law, LLC specializes in personal injury law in reference to motor vehicle accidents. In Colorado, roadway fatalities have sharply increased over the last few years. According to the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles, 630 people lost their lives in auto crashes in 2018. Thousands more have suffered injuries, some of which led to permanent disabilities. If you have been hurt in a car accident caused by another’s error, carelessness, or recklessness, you may be eligible for compensation. Because Malik Law specializes in these types of cases, we have the experience and expertise needed to effectively represent our clients’ rights.

Malik Law: Tenacious Auto Accident Attorneys

While there are many law firms in and around Boulder that practice personal injury law, few offer the personable, dedicated representation that Malik Law provides. We focus on just a few types of personal injury law like auto accidents so we can hone our professional skills to successfully represent our clients. Our experience gives our clients an advantage—one they will need when presenting their claim at the negotiation table or in the court room. Malik Law attorneys are keenly aware of Colorado’s statutes as related to personal injury law and auto collisions. We have the expertise needed to navigate the insurance claims process, which can be downright tricky as these corporations work to minimize their payouts.

Malik Law knows what constitutes a fair compensation package. As we view your claim from every possible angle, we’ll help you calculate a justifiable claim for compensation. We know the trauma that people go through when they’ve been hurt by another driver’s error or blatant wrong-doing. We understand how medical bills can pile and work cannot be performed. On top of the personal financial crisis that these accidents often trigger, there is the pain and suffering from the injuries themselves. Physical and mental anguish must also be factored into your claim for fair compensation. We know what our clients are entitled to by law. We will diligently fight for what you are owed if you’ve been injured in a car accident in Colorado through no fault of your own.

We Put Our Experience To Work For You

The attorneys of Malik Law are car accident specialists. We know how to navigate the legal process to represent clients effectively in these cases. Saira P. Malik has roughly a decade of experience negotiating settlements and litigating for her clients to help them achieve the fair compensation they’re owed. She and her associates will put their experience and expertise to work for you as you continue on your recovery journey. Although a court victory cannot undo the past, fair compensation can help you regain your financial stability.

At-Fault Drivers

Sometimes, there’s no clear-cut way to decide fault. Accidents are sometimes purely accidental. A deer may dart onto the road. Inclement weather may suddenly develop. Black ice seems to form out of nowhere. On the other hand, sometimes another driver is clearly at fault. If they are driving without a valid driver’s license, for example, they should not even be out on the road. If they are driving impaired—driving drunk—they are breaking the law. Often, the case is clear cut and insurance providers must hang their collective heads and simply pay those victims who have been injured because of their insured driver’s wrong-doing.

On the other hand, sometimes the case isn’t as easily defined. Proving that a driver was driving while distracted can be difficult. How can you prove they were fiddling with their car radio? Or wiping the drips from their to-go coffee cup? In cases where texting or cellphone use is suspected as the cause of the distraction, there are ways to demand records to determine if the phone was being used at the time of the collision.

The attorneys at Malik Law are well-versed in how to litigate these matters—even when insurance carriers fight tooth and nail to deny the claimant’s right to fair compensation. We can order accident reconstructions, interview witnesses, and demonstrate how the at-fault driver caused the injuries to our clients. We will examine the collision and your claim from all angles in order to represent your interests to the best of our abilities.

Our Motor Vehicle Practice Areas

Malik Law handles cases of auto accidents that involve:

  • Hit and run
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Wrongful death as related to motor vehicle accidents


Our attorneys will provide you with the expert legal counsel you need to effectively present your case. Simple reading a police accident report can be somewhat tricky unless you’re well-versed in these matters. We manage all the documents, forms, and evidence so that you can focus on your recovery. We deal with the calls from the insurance providers. They’re looking for any way they can find to minimize what they pay you. No matter how genuinely kind they sound, it is their best interest to pay you as little as possible. That won’t suffice for us. When their insured drivers drive carelessly or reckless, they are liable to pay—and pay they must.

There are literally thousands of car accidents on Colorado’s roads each year, but we know that no two cases are alike. And certainly, no two victims are alike either. We give each case the undivided and personalized attention it deserves. We tailor our services to suit the particular needs of your case. This has been our recipe for success—and we see it work time and time again.

What Type Of Compensation Are You Entitled To?

The compensation amount you request in your claim is subject to the specifics of your case. What does this mean? First, the economic damages you list in your claim will reflect your current medical costs related to the injuries you’ve sustained. If you will need future treatment (i.e. surgeries or physical therapy), these damages must also be factored in. Your job earnings—those you have lost because of missed work—will also be added into your claim. If you’ve suffered a disability and can no longer perform your previous type of employment, we will also factor such costs into your compensation demands.

In Colorado, there are caps in place for pain and suffering. We will review these non-economic statutes with you. Although you are eligible for compensation up to a certain amount, you may not typically exceed the caps in place. In our state, here are the types of damages you can claim in an auto accident:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Lost future earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Vehicle / property damage
  • Mental anguish


The state recognizes that victims of personal injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents have a right to seek and obtain fair compensation. However, we must prove that the other party was at fault and that your injuries were caused as the result of the collision. We have the expertise required to do just that.

Who Does Malik Law Represent?

Malik Law represents clients in and around Boulder where our firm is based but also elsewhere in the state. We’ve been able to help thousands of Colorado victims of an auto collision achieve fair compensation for their injuries. If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Colorado, you need a highly skilled personal injury attorney to represent your interests. Rest assured, the insurance companies have lawyers on their payrolls. They’ll be working to pay as little as possible. It’s our job not to let them get away with minimizing your claim and what you’re entitled to by law.

What Should I Do If I Am Injured In A Car Accident?

If you are injured in a car accident, it’s essential, even if you think your injuries are minor, to get a qualified medical assessment. Go to the emergency room of a nearby hospital. Visit an urgent care center or your doctor right away. In some cases, police may make this decision for you by alerting an ambulance. However, even if you feel fine, remember that many types of injuries (concussion or internal bleeding) may not be felt right away. By going to the hospital, you will get the professional evaluation you need should you ever decide to pursue a claim.

Second, it’s vital to obtain a police report. Use your cellphone to contact the police or ask a witness to contact them. A police officer has experience documenting these incidents and filing accident reports. If possible, get the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any witnesses at the scene of the accident.

Next, call us. In the next few days, insurance providers will be contacting you. You may worry about what to say—what not to say. We believe that it’s your best interest to say nothing and let us represent you instead. We know how to deal with them—and they know we know how to deal with them. We know what types of information to share and what is categorically none of their business. They will try to minimize the severity of your claim if you decide to make one. We won’t let them. We represent your best interests—not their bottom line.

As you recover, we’ll be able to advise you about the process of making a claim should you decide to pursue it. We’ll discuss the statute of limitations as well as the types of documents needed to get your claim rolling. Often, we are able to negotiate a successful settlement with the at-fault party. Insurance companies know when they’ve got no ground to stand on. Sometimes, however, it just isn’t possible to work out a fair settlement. In these cases, we will move to litigation on your behalf. Saira P. Malik is an aggressive litigator as are her associates. Our team fights for our clients and what they are owed.

Hire Us to Fight For You

Contact Malik Law if you or a loved one has been injured—or worse—in a car accident that was someone else’s fault. We will evaluate your case and provide you with the expert legal counsel you need to make informed decisions about your claim. Remember, there is a time frame to file these types of claims. Don’t wait to contact us. Let us help you navigate this situation right from the start so we can do everything in our power to achieve your legal goals.

We have a proven track record for success. Our legal counsel is based on years of experience and extensive knowledge of this area of the law. You can expect us to be upfront and honest with you throughout the legal journey. We are exceptional when it comes to communication; we are here to provide you with unstinting service and client care—that means keeping you in the loop every step of the way. If you place your trust in us, we take it as the highest compliment. We’ll work diligently to represent you in order to achieve the fair compensation you rightfully deserve.

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