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Slip and falls are consistently a primary cause of injuries, accounting for more than 37.3 million injuries annually, across the globe. These injuries can be severe and may result in partial or permanent disability. When this occurs you need an experienced Colorado slip and fall attorney on your side. Lawyer Saira Malik has the experience and resources needed to tackle even the most complicated slip and fall accident cases.

Slip and Falls in Grocery Stores and Malls

Slip and falls are particularly common in grocery stores, and, to a lesser degree, in shopping malls. The flooring surface of grocery stores, which are more likely to have unattended spills, as well as the fact that pushing a grocery cart can sometimes obstruct the person’s view, are the primary reasons for falls in grocery stores. People may fall in a mall or other public spaces for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Insufficient lighting;
  • Uneven walking surfaces;
  • Liquids spilled on the floor;
  • Narrow, or extremely steep stairs;
  • Cluttered floors;
  • Torn carpeting;
  • Recently mopped or waxed floors, or
  • Items stacked in walkways.

When we walk in public places—or where we work—we deserve to be advised of hazards we might encounter. In some instances, the lighting in a shopping mall could disguise a hazardous condition; any changes in walking surfaces must be visible to the walker in public places. Should a pedestrian fall and strike a hard flooring surface with a fleshy part of the body the injuries may not be particularly severe, however when bones—or the head—connect with a hard floor, the resulting injuries can be grave.

There are several questions you will need to consider if you have been the victim of a slip and fall in the city of Denver:

  • If a spill caused your fall was it there long enough for the property owner to have knowledge of it?
  • Does a standard cleaning and maintenance schedule exist?
  • Was your fall caused by poor lighting or other issues not addressed by the owner or manager of the public property?
  • Were you paying attention at the time you fell?
  • Would a reasonable person have been able to avoid the fall?

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