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Suffering an accident can be a devastating event in a person’s life. When that accident is caused because of another’s wrong-doing or negligence, the injured party has a right under Colorado law to seek damages for what they’ve endured. Malik Law has helped hundreds of Broomfield, CO, clients achieve fair compensation for their injuries. Our firm specializes in personal injury law. We have the experience and expertise required to represent your claim at court or at the negotiation table. Our attorneys are caring and dedicating to pursuing justice for each and every client they represent.

About Malik Law

Malik Law is a legal firm that specializes in personal injury law. Specifically, we take cases that involve car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle and bicycle accidents, wrongful death, and premises liability. We are based in Boulder but we represent clients all over the state, including Broomfield, CO. If you’ve been injured because of someone’s carelessness or recklessness, you need a skilled personal injury attorney to represent your interests. It’s our goal to help you achieve the fair compensation you deserve.

Expect Malik Law to Fight for You

Malik Law firm is small but mighty. Our size is one of our great strengths. Being a smaller law firm allows us to get to know our clients and their cases in immense detail. Our clients won’t feel anonymous or unknown. Each attorney at Malik Law provides clients with personalized attention. Each case is different and many are quite complex. We believe in providing each client with the customized legal advice and representation they deserve. If you hire our firm, you can count on us to:

  • File court documents
  • Appear on time at hearings, court, or negotiations
  • Manage paperwork and documents related to the case
  • Procure necessary evidence
  • Communicate with insurance providers
  • Communicate with at-fault party’s attorneys
  • Carefully evaluate your case
  • Talk to witnesses
  • Hire professionals (accountants or accident reconstructionist)
  • Negotiate or litigate aggressively


If you’ve been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else in Broomfield, CO, you can count on the skilled attorneys of Malik Law to help you throughout the legal process. Because we specialize in certain areas of personal injury law, we have developed the skill sets needed to effectively pursue justice for our clients.

Let Us Evaluate Your Case

If you believe you’ve been injured because of someone else’s fault, turn to Malik Law to evaluate your case through a legal lens. We offer a free preliminary consultation during which we can discuss your case and provide you with our legal opinion of your claim’s merits. With careful examination of your case, we can discuss its strengths and what you might be owed in terms of compensation.

We Are Skilled Negotiators

Malik Law attorneys are skilled at the negotiation process. Did you know that most personal injury cases are resolved at the negotiation table? Often, insurers are inclined to achieve a negotiated settlement. Negotiations can save time and money. Before sitting down to negotiate a potential settlement, we’ll help you arrive at a fair compensation amount. While you may choose to agree to a lesser settlement amount, it’s important to know what you might be entitled to should you opt to litigate.

Litigating to Win Compensation

Sometimes it isn’t possible to reach an agreement with the at-fault party. The defendant may refuse to negotiate. They may deny that they are at fault. In these situations, it becomes necessary to enter into litigation proceedings in order to pursue your right to fair compensation. Our skilled attorneys are aggressive litigators who will diligently represent your interests at each court or hearing proceeding. We will do everything in our power to help you achieve the compensation amount you deserve.

What Is Fair Compensation?

In the state of Colorado, victims of personal injuries have the right to sue for damages. The state acknowledges two categories of damages that injured parties can claim: economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are the medical costs and missed wages that a person has experienced as a result of their injuries. These damages also refer to the future medical and missed wages that a person is likely to experience in reference to their injuries. Many clients will require ongoing medical treatment for their serious injuries. They are entitled to ask for a compensation amount that will reasonably cover these costs.

Non-economic damages are the physical and mental pain and suffering that victims of accidents endure. There is a cap on the amount that victims can ask for. In some cases, the cap can be raised if the evidence is overwhelmingly in their favor and the nature of their injuries signifies that more compensation is reasonable.

Our firm can help clients arrive at a fair compensation amount to specify in their claim. In complex cases where there is likely to be considerable future expense related to the accident, we may procure the services of a professional actuary or accountant to help us calculate those future costs. The fact is, as clients surely realize, medical costs can be staggering. We’ve represented clients who will need future surgeries and long-time physical therapy. So, we must account for these costs in the compensation demands.

What Should You Do If You Get Hurt in Colorado?

If you experience an accident, you should get medical treatment. You may believe that all you’ve suffered are a few scrapes, but only a careful medical evaluation can determine if you are truly alright. Visit your doctor or a nearby emergency room to be evaluated. The healthcare providers may order scans or x-rays to determine if you have any internal injuries.

While medical care is important for safeguarding your health, it is vital for a claim should you decide to pursue it. You will have to have medical proof that the accident you experienced caused you injury. The medical reports generated by your visit will provide you with this form of evidence. Be sure that you keep all medical documents and records of each visit and treatment related to your injuries.

Next, it’s helpful to obtain an accident or incident report that documents the accident. If you’ve been hurt in a car or truck accident, always call the police. They will immediately visit the scene and make a police report. This document may show who is at fault. If citations were issued, the report will reflect that. It may also include witness statements. These documents also provide you with evidence that can support your claim.

After you’ve procured medical treatment or during the course of your treatment, contact us. As soon as you inform us of your accident, we can begin to gather information to support your claim. We can also provide you with expert legal advice. Even if you don’t elect to litigate, it’s important to have sound legal advice as you negotiate a settlement. We’ll represent your interests. You can be assured that the insurers will have attorneys ready to represent their interests.

Let Us Communicate with Insurers

Our attorneys have years of experience communicating and negotiating with insurance carriers. We have the expertise required to promote your claim. You could inadvertently say something to hurt your claim. Instead, rely on us to deal with insurers; they’ll be looking for any way they can find to minimize your claim and reduce what they may need to pay.

Contact Malik Law

If you’re searching for an experienced legal firm that represents clients in Broomfield, CO, turn to Malik Law. We specialize in personal injury cases, so we have the expertise needed to represent your claim. Our attorneys are passionate about achieve justice for each client we represent. Fair compensation can help eliminate some of the financial burden you’ve been forced to deal with because of your accident; let us help you obtain it. Call to schedule your free initial evaluation.

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